What is Longevity Planning?

What is Longevity Planning?

Retirement has both financial and life implications. Retirees today are spending up to 30 years enjoying the fruits of their life’s labor. Because of this, it’s important to plan for longevity in retirement. 

Asking yourself the following questions can help with longevity planning:

1. Where will you live?

When considering longevity planning, have you considered where you will live? Housing is one of retirement’s largest expenses. While aging in the comfort of your own home is ideal, you must have the necessary means to modify your home when that time comes. Longevity planning involves discussing different housing options. 

2. How will you get around?

Transportation is second on the list of retirement’s biggest expenses. Accounting for travel as a part of your long-term financial plan will ensure your ability to get up and go as you please. 

3. How will you take care of your health?

How will you take care of your health? Many expect their healthcare costs in retirement to be paid for by Medicare, but Medicare only pays up to 60% of expenses. Being prepared for healthcare costs including premiums, copays, and deductibles is an important part of your financial plan. 

4. Who will care for you?

When planning for your longevity have you considered who will care for you? When you reach your 80s you may be able to manage daily tasks, however there are risks associated with living alone very late in life. The longer you live, the more likely you may need someone to help care for you at some point. Lacking the financial resources to pay for medical care can be a burden on your health and on your family. 

5. Will you have what you need?

Saving enough for a long, fulfilling life requires strategic longevity planning that includes investing and smart management. Planning for how much you will need based on the income you will have in retirement is essential to making your retirement comfortable. 

6. How will you secure your legacy?

While planning for your future, it is essential to think even further beyond that to your family’s future. Your life’s purpose is a gift to preserve and share with your family. 

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