What Type of Person Needs a Financial Advisor?

There’s no easy answer to this question. In reality, each individual’s need for a financial advisor is contingent on their personal situation. The team at Financial Consulting Group can help clients of any age determine what course of action is best for their needs–whether it be asset management, college planning, or retirement planning. Of course, the easiest way to determine whether you need a financial advisor is to schedule a consultation with a qualified company. If you identify as any of the following, you may want to book your consultation sooner rather than later.


Professional/Business Owner

If you’re busy with work, chances are you don’t want to spend valuable time reviewing your investment portfolio. Young professionals and business owners, while likely intellectually capable of reviewing their finances, can benefit from having a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional involved in the process. A second pair of eyes from a competent planner can prove incredibly valuable, especially when it saves the client’s time.


Recently Divorced/Widowed

When couples are going through a split, it’s always a good idea to enlist a financial advisor to review the couple’s assets. Those who have experienced the death of a spouse may need help restructuring and making sense of their assets. This can be especially true if the surviving spouse was not involved in financial matters prior to the loss. With the loss of a loved one, issues like life insurance and loss of income can be tough to navigate. A professional team, like the advisors at FCG, can help you through it.


Nearing Retirement

Those nearing retirement age can certainly benefit from a financial advisor. When a client reaches their 60s-70s, it’s good to have a plan in place to ensure a comfortable retirement. It’s also wise to think about estate planning and charitable giving planning, which are essential in distributing your wealth after death.
While it’s near impossible to say exactly who needs a financial planner, it’s never a bad idea to have a professional look over your finances. Let the team at FCG guide you. Contact us at (504) 835-1707 today.