Your Life as a Business

“​If your life is a business, you are the person in charge. You see the vision for where you want your life to lead. You set the goals for making that vision a reality. You’re aware of the parameters you will face and the resources you will need to create your ultimate life,” says Michael Sicuranza, CFP, AEP. Sicuranza makes an excellent point: you are your life’s CEO.

You’ll want to have someone qualified and capable to put your finances under the same scrutiny they would face if your life really ​were a business. When you’re the CEO, you are in charge of hiring a team to propel your business to success. Unless you are a financial advisor yourself, chances are you won’t have the intricate understanding that a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNING™ professional has. A CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional’s many duties include financial planning, budgeting, analyzing, and reporting. It’s not a part-time job—and shouldn’t be in your personal life either. Learn more about what the team at Financial Consulting Group can offer by visiting